Reebok Women’s CrossFit Lifter Plus

Reebok Women’s CrossFit Lifter Plus

We understand the complications it takes to get a good pair of women's weightlifting shoes. Most stores only sell shoes directed to men which his leads to women taking the time to convert their size to match. Fortunately, some companies create such heavy duty shoes for women.

In this article, you'll understand more about the Reebok Women's R CrossFit shoes. These shoes are a great entry level shoe for women wanting to get in shape. It keeps your body stable and protects it from injury. Making it a great shoe for women needing something to help their general lifting practices.

Purple Reebok Woman CrossFit Shoes

We'll discuss the pros and cons of the shoe. In addition, we'll use consumer opinion to fill in the gaps we might have missed out on. You will have enough information to have the confidence to make the right buying decision by the end of this article.

Meet The Reebok Women's R Crossfit Lifter Plus

Introducing the Reebok Women's R Crossfit Lifter Plus: It's a hybrid shoe that can handle virtually any exercise that is required. It has the speed support to help you run while having a sole robust enough to support you when deadlifting. It's a good start for beginners who want the best out of their workouts.

The shoe was made by Reebok; for decades, the shoe company has provided high-quality sportswear for people and athletes. As time progressed, they've added shoe technology to provide even more support. This company is great at creating state of the art shoes to help one complete their training.


  • Leather Toes for Mobility
  • Anti-Friction Lining
  • Heat Activated U-Form Technology
Reebok Woman CrossFit Yellow Sport Shoe

The reason why these shoes are designed was to improve the user's core form when lifting. When women wear these shoes, they notice an increase in their balance and stability when doing medium weight lifting. It's a CrossFit shoe, but it still provides an all-purpose level of support when in use.


The main result we've noticed was the added support when lifting weights. When lifting, the Heat Activated technology starts to adapt to the user's form. The shoe adapts to your feet, making it easier for it to recognize and work with your movements.

For these shoes, we suggest ordering half a size down. If you are a size 8.5, then a size 8 is more than enough room for you to feel comfortable. This ensures that you gain the right size and have the right support when you're ready to go to the gym.

Lastly, we've noticed how the shoes help with user's upward thrusts. When lifting, you need the right amount of shoes that helps keep your body to the ground. Also, the shoes aid to improve your range of motion when you squat. Thus, making it a versatile shoe that women can use for almost any exercise.

What Do Others Say?

Balance improvement is the reason why many consumers like this shoe. The shoe offers a thick heel that prevents you from moving when lifting weights. This is an advantage because it keeps your body and torso aligned in the right way. Making it easier for you to receive the full benefit of your lifts.

Another plus lies in the breathability the shoe offers. It has a mesh top located at the insole. This means that it allows your feet to have room and remain flexible during your workouts. Making it an excellent choice for those wanting to improve their CrossFit exercise routine.

But, the shoes are limited in its running capabilities. Consumers complained that they were unable to run as fast as expected. You might not want this CrossFit shoe if you need shoes that are fast and can track your movements.

Still, it's a good pair of hybrid shoes. They allow you to lift weights with no issue. In addition, it has enough traction to help you do simple CrossFit routines. Overall, it's a good

Reebok Woman CrossFit Sport Training Shoe

Buying Advice

Here are some advices when choosing women's CrossFit shoes.

Understanding Fit

Fit is the most important feature when it comes to buying weightlifting shoes. If the shoe doesn't fit properly, there's no point in buying it. No matter how appealing or "modern" the shoe looks, you'll risk losing money buying shoes that aren't sized right.

When buying weightlifting shoes, understand that they are all different. For women, you'll need to know how to convert your shoe size to not only men's but to the size of women's weightlifting shoes.

To get the right fit for men's shoe, subtract one from your natural shoe size. For instance, if you are a size 5 in women, then you'll need a size 4 in men's. At first, it seems complicated, but learning how to adjust your shoe size is the first thing that helps you get the most out of your shoe.

Weightlifting Vs. CrossFit Shoes

When searching for shoes online, it's good to know the difference between weightlifting and CrossFit shoes. Weightlifting shoes are for stationary exercises where your body must stay close to the ground. While they are good for strength training, they don't respond well to quick movements.

The Reebok Women's R CrossFit shoes are an example of CrossFit shoes. They offer you enough stability to lift with medium weights. The shoes are useful for doing exercises such as calisthenics, running and box jumps. CrossFit shoes are all-purpose shoes that allow you train in multiple levels of intensity.

Don't Settle For Running Shoes

While running shoes do have their purpose, it's only one sided. People who buy running shoes make the mistake of using them for strength training. This leads them into losing the flexibility in their legs and causing injury. You'll want a shoe that has a hard sole if you want to lift weights properly.

This shoe helps you by having enough support for you to lift medium level weights. It's not a weightlifting shoe, but the CrossFit Lift shoes have enough support for women to lift at least 100 lbs during their workout.

Yellow Reebok Woman CrossFit Shoes


To conclude, we believe that the Reebok Women's R CrossFit shoes are a great addition to one's workout. The shoes combine multi training form and shoe technology to help one's daily gym goals. Buy these shoes if you want something to improve your lifting PRs and your overall stamina.

We recommend buying this shoe if you need more than one level of support. Most female athletes train in multiple ways (strength training, cardio, CrossFit) and need a shoe that supports their general exercise routines. Ultimately, these shoes help women through almost any form of workout and work to keep the body in shape.

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