Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Weightlifting is an extensive exercise. You want to have shoes that offer the most amount of support when picking up the barbell. Most beginners make the mistake of using running shoes when working out. This leads to them having an increased amount of injury and a less utility from their exercise.

That's why we're reviewing the Nike Men's Metcon 2 Training Shoe. It's a shoe designed to handle medium weight lifting and certain CrossFit applications. We like the shoe because it is perfect for almost any type of workout.

Black Nike Mens Metcon 2 Training Shoe

In this article, we give insightful and detailed information on the shoe. We'll discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with it. We also include consumer opinions to add third party information in regards to this shoe. Overall, you'll have a clear decision on what to buy by the end of this article.

Meet The Nike Metcons 2 Training Shoes

The Nike Metcons 2 are a multipurpose CrossFit shoe. It's a hybrid shoe that allows you to lift weights while doing simple CrossFit exercises. The shoe gives you a stable foundation to exercise with correct and proper form. We like the shoes because they can be used for weightlifting and CrossFit.

Nike is the designer and manufacturer behind this shoe. For years, the company has created shoes and apparel to improve the workout efforts of pro-athletes. When using these shoes, you'll notice all of Nike's technology used to ensure you gain the most out of your exercise.


  • Synthetic/Mesh Material
  • Cross Training Sneaker
  • Flywire Mid-sole technology (Locks the foot in place)
  • Rubber Sole for Extra Comfort
  • Foam midsole that offers support and cushioning
Pair Of Black-Nike-Mens-Metcon-2-Shoes

This shoe was designed to fit the purpose of basic weightlifting and CrossFit exercises. Its heel sole is strong enough to help the user stay grounded, but not reach their maximum limits. You'll want these shoes if you want something versatile and used for most applications in the gym.


Remember, this Nike Metcon is mainly a CrossFit shoe. This means that you'll find it useful when doing exercises such as calisthenics, medium weightlifting and light running routines. While it's versatile, it's main use is for weightlifting.

When using the shoe, we noticed the Flywire Mid-sole technology working. It keeps your foot in place so that you'll have a better grip when lifting heavier weights. By using these shoes, you'll have more power when doing deadlifts, squats, and Olympic lifts.

There is one issue associated with the Nike Metcon 2's. It doesn't allow the user to run as much as needed. It does allow you to handle multiple tasks but falls short when you need shoes that support quick motions such as running.

What Others Say

Consumers like the shoe because of the fit. When wearing the shoe, you'll notice it fit and adapt to the form of your feet. Also, it has an improved grip at the bottom sole which prevents you from slipping. Buy these shoes if you want something to fit almost perfectly.

The feel of the shoes is another thing consumers liked. The shoe has the right amount of arch support and ankle support to help you lift weights. It keeps the user in balance and steady when going down for their squats. You might like these shoes if you need something that keeps your composure when lifting.

Red Nike Mens Metcon 2 Training Sport Shoe

However, there are complaints about the quality of the shoe. The size runs a bit narrow on your feet, meaning that you'll have to buy at least a half size upwards. Also, a few shoppers noticed their shoes losing out on them after two weeks of usage. Avoid these if you're looking for a long-term shoe.

The Nike Metcon 2’s are still a great shoe to have when going to the gym. They keep your body aligned, helping you when during the most intense lifting exercises. While the shoe raises a few questions in regards to quality, it serves its purpose as a CrossFit shoe.

Buying Advice

Here are some advices when choosing training shoes.

Check The Durability Of Your Shoes

When searching for a pair of weightlifting shoes, you should check its strength. Purchasing a pair of comfortable shoes that rip within a few weeks of use is a bad deal. You'll want to make sure that your weightlifting shoes are durable enough to last for at least a year.

To check the durability of your shoe, start by gauging the quality of the material. If it's made of cheap, low-quality materials, chances are it's not going to last as long you expect. Make sure that the sole is sturdy and tough before buying a pair of weightlifting shoes.

Avoid Low Quality Shoes

You don't want weightlifting shoes to break in the middle of your set. Cheap quality shoes offer little to no support and make it hard for you to get any benefits from strength training. People who buy shoes of low quality often complain that they don't last as long as they needed.

When purchasing shoes of high quality, you prevent the chance of your shoes ripping in mid workout. This saves you time so that you can lift more efficiently. Do this to make sure you get the most out of shoes you are planning to buy.

Effectively Budget For Weightlifting Shoes

While price is not the primary measurement quality, it does affect what shoes you can obtain. We recommend buying shoes within the $50-$200 range if you want the most utility out of them. When budgeting, make sure to get shoes whose features meet your needs.


To conclude, the Nike Men's Metcon Training Shoes are great for beginners. The shoes offer the right amount of support when undergoing intense exercise routines. It keeps the body in almost perfect positioning after grabbing the bar. Get this shoe if you want something that gives you results.

Black Nike Mens Metcon 2 Sport Training Shoe

We recommend this shoe because of its versatility. It can be used anywhere from mild weight lifting to simple CrossFit exercises. Also, it corrects your form and prevents injuries when you are lifting. Ultimately, this shoe is a great addition to your gym inventory if you want to increase your PRs.

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