Inov-8 Women's FastLift 325 Fitness Shoe

Inov-8 Women’s FastLift 325 Fitness Shoe

Getting a pair of weightlifting shoes can be hard for women, most brands only sells these pairs of shoes for men. When women try to buy these shoes, they become less comfortable and doesn't fit their natural size. That is why you need a good pair of shoes that works for you.

However, weightlifting is not limited to men. Today, there is a myriad of women's shoes out in the market. It works by providing your body more support once you are lifting. The joints inside your body remain stabilized and in control once you start lifting. This protects your ligaments while you lift.

Black Inov-8 Woman FastLift Shoes

In this guide, we'll touch on the Inov-8 Women's Fastlift 325 Fitness Shoe. We'll give a detailed insight into the construction and form of the shoe. Also, we'll use the consumer's opinions to help fill in on information that we've forgotten.

About The Product

The Inov-8 Women's Fastlift 325 Fitness Shoe is a great shoe for the multiple reasons. It mixes security, comfort, and flexibility for the user's weightlifting form. Because of this, you'll need these shoes like these to help stabilize your body during those heavy workouts.

Inov-8 is the company behind this excellent workout shoe. Their primary purpose is to create innovative products in training and performance. This means that they make apparel at the highest quality to keep your body safe when exercising.


  • Strong Traction Outsole
  • Neutral Fitted
  • Maximum Performance Weightlifting Shoe
  • PowerTruss Support System for Heels
  • Heel Height: 0.65"
Purple Inov-8 FastLift Woman Shoe

One reason why this shoe is made is for added comfort. When working out, you'll want something that keeps your feet properly aligned and relaxed when lifting heavy weights. These shoes provide that and even extra support to reduce the exposure of ligament injury during your strength training.


Results are the first thing you'd want out of your workout shoe. And the Inov-8 Women's Fastlift Shoe provides quite a lot of them during its first day of use. One result is the improved security when doing Olympic lifts. It keeps your chest straight, shoulders aligned and maximizes your strength.

Another thing that we noticed about this shoe is it's lightweight, yet efficient design. When lifting, you'll want something light to improve your traction. This reduces the chance of you sliding and losing control during your workout and makes it an excellent choice if you need a basic shoe that keeps you mobile.

If you want the most out of the Inov-8s, make sure to keep them size downward from your natural size. For example, if you're a size 7, get a size 6 to have the best fit on your foot. Doing this keeps your feet comfortable enough when doing tough exercises.

What Others Say?

Looking at consumer opinions, we've noticed a shared approval for the shoe's lightweight feel. For instance, the shoe helps users have a light and flexible squat. This helps you by getting the most out of your squats and keeping your legs in good shape.

How does it do that? The shoe comes with a MetaFlex Groove located on the forefront of the shoe. This means that there is a flex point that is created inside of the shoe which makes your foot flex naturally when you walk in them.

Inov-8 Purple FastLift Woman Shoes

Another outstanding feature is the PowerTruss Heel. When lifting, you want a raised heel to improve your body's stability. Good form helps you complete the workout and promote long term growth within the core strength of your body.

But, there is an issue associated with this shoe. Consumers disliked this shoe because it runs too small on their feet. This means that you'll have a hard time being comfortable while lifting. Make sure that you get the right size about a half number upward if you want the most out of your shoes.

While it has the True Sizing feature, people noticed that the shoe remained narrow on their feet. It's not a sizing problem, but also a design issue. You'll want to look out for these if your feet are wide or need something a little extra for your weight lifting workouts.

Buyer's Advice

Here are some advices when choosing powerlifting shoes.

Don't Settle For Running Shoes

Running shoes do have their purpose in physical training, but not when it comes to strength training such as powerlifting and Olympic lifts. These shoes are not useful because they offer too much room. That is why we suggest getting weightlifting shoes to hug your feet during your workouts.

One reason why you want shoes to remain tight while you lift is to prevent injury. When lifting, we have a tendency to move our bodies in the wrong direction. This is either due to lack of form or proper training. The traction of these shoes helps you stay grounded so that you have a safe exercise.

Inspect The Quality Of The Shoes

One mistake shoppers make: they forget to check the material of their weightlifting shoes. This means that they'll impulsively buy a pair without noticing the qualities behind it. You'll want to test the material and construction of your weightlifting shoes to prevent any quality issues that might arise

To inspect the shoe material for quality, take it out for a quick lift. When doing this, you'll start to notice certain aspects of the shoe that you like or dislike. If the shoe is made of cheaper quality, or you don't like it, feel free to return it. Checking the quality of your shoes is important if you want to improve your lifting records.

Learn How To Research

Knowing how to research makes it easier to find your desired shoes. You'll have a more calculated and effective approach instead of buying impulsively. To start your research, make a list of the essential features you'd want in your shoe.

After this, search online for weightlifting shoes that fit into your specific needs. For instance, you'll want something with a wider heel if your feet are too long. Once you find at least 3-5 shoes that are a good fit, make a final decision based on the shoe that fits you and your weightlifting goals the most.

Black Inov-8 FastLift Woman Shoe


To conclude, we believe that the Inov-8 Fast Lift 325 Fitness Shoe is a great weightlifting shoe for women. When wearing the shoe, you'll have improved traction, security, and flexibility when doing compound lifts.

We recommend this shoe for beginners who are needing something simple to help them lift. The shoes are sturdy enough to keep your feet properly grounded and in control. Ultimately, the Inov-8 Women's Fast Lift 325 Fitness Shoe is a must have when wanting to become a better power lifter.

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