The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Best Weightlifting Shoes

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Best Weightlifting Shoes

Understand that weightlifting is a dangerous sport. People who fail to lift properly often expose themselves to injury. This occurs due to the type of shoe used during the workout. They wear shoes that don’t properly support them; causing further injuries when lifting the bar.

To prevent this issue from happening, you’ll need a good pair of weightlifting shoes. Weightlifting shoes are made to keep your foot thoroughly supported and grounded. This helps by preventing your leg from moving and fidgeting when you lift.

Woman Doing Crossfit with Weightlifting

In this article, we’ll give you a quick review guide of the top five best powerlifting shoes. We will discuss the pros and cons associated with each shoe. Compiling our information from the top resources, we’ll help you get a clear understanding of what you need to know before buying.

Also, we’ll use consumer opinion to fill in the gaps that we’ve forgotten. We want you to help you in getting the right shoes to perfect your daily lifting schedule and increase your PRs. By getting theses shoes, you’ll make a good investment in improving your health and fitness levels.

Before we start our review, we’d like to tell you a few things you’ll need to know about weightlifting shoes. This helps you understand the exact mechanics and information needed to get a quality shoe. By the end of this article, you’ll see why weightlifting shoes is a great addition to your workout lifestyle.

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Where To Buy Weightlifting Shoes?

This is usually a common question beginners ask when getting weightlifting shoes. Since weightlifting isn’t a popular sport, it’s not easily found in retail stores. To find the best weightlifting shoes, it’s best to look online.

We suggest checking online stores such as Amazon to get a good pair of weightlifting shoes. Studies show that amazon shoes men sizes are usually true to the user’s form. This means that when buying online, you’ll get high-quality shoes that supports your body and fits to your actual size.

How To Research For Weightlifting Shoes

To make the right buying decision, try to conduct a calculated level of research. First, you’ll want to see what types of shoes whose features fit your needs. Then, find at least 2-3 alternatives that have the right qualities related to you. Lastly, make a decision and buy the one that you like the most.

By doing research, you save time and money when finding a weightlifting shoe. Instead of making an impulsive purchase, you’ll take a slow approach to get the shoe that you need. Remember, buying weightlifting shoes is a costly investment. So, make sure you take your time before simply buying a pair.

Benefits Of Using Weightlifting Shoes

Here are the main benefits of using weightlifting shoes:

Core Body Control

One of the most obvious advantages is the improvement of body control. When lifting, you want to have a good alignment between your lumbar spine and your pelvis. Wearing weightlifting shoes help you by keeping them bot in good form. Doing this prevents strains from destroying your joints.

Professional Weightlifter Wearing Weightlifting Shoes

A common mistake weightlifters make is to ignore their form. They’ll often hold the bar or position themselves in ways that are not optimal for growth. You’ll want a pair of weightlifting shoes so that you’ll keep your form correct and sturdy enough when lifting over 100 pounds of weight.

Knee Protection

When beginners learn how to squat, they often exert too much energy on the knees. This leads to them doing the workout in an incorrect manner. Getting a good pair of weightlifting shoes keeps your knees grounded and in good form.

Weightlifting shoes protect the knee through keeping them aligned. If your feet are poorly aligned when you lift, your knees will take most of the damage because of that. Buying a good pair of weightlifting shoes avoids the pain on your knees.

Increases Safety

The average person lifts over 4x the average weight of their ancestors. In modern day, we put so much emphasis in overexerting pur force in the gym. Because of this, people tend to exercise and lift heavy weights without knowing how much stress we place on our bodies.

Woman in Weightlifting Shoes doing Squats

When wearing weightlifting shoes, they decrease the risk of leg injury from happening. It increases your safety by keeping your body in proper alignment. Buying weightlifting shoes protects your body for the long term and provides the best benefits.

Improves Overall Health

Getting a good workout means a higher degree of fitness. Weightlifting shoes help users get the most out of their workouts by correcting their form. Learning how to lift properly increases your lifespan and protects your body from unwanted diseases.

If you want to improve your health, then getting weightlifting shoes is a good choice. They stabilize the body and keep protect your joints from locking up during your lift. This means that you’ll experience the long-term benefits of working out due to wearing a good pair of weightlifting shoes.

Increases Range In Your Ankle Joints

A common staple amongst weightlifting shoes is the raised heel. The raised heel helps by increasing the range of your ankle during squats. Weightlifting shoes protect your ankle joints from injury while also giving you a better range of motion when working out in them.

Your ankle is the most important part of your body when it comes to weightlifting. It works to keep the rest of the body aligned and straight once you go down with the bar. By getting weightlifting shoes, you keep those joints from reaching injury through over exertion.

Better Vertical Thrust

When wearing soft sole shoes to lift, you’ll notice an issue when getting off the floor. This means that you’re more likely to injure yourself when holding the bar. You’ll want to buy a pair of weightlifting shoes to improve your vertical thrust during your workouts.

With weightlifting shoes, your body doesn’t have to deal with the loss of energy when pushing your body to the ground. The shoes help by making the force you generate be used to get your body back into neutral position. If you want a better vertical thrust and more results from your exercises.

Corrects Your Positioning

The number one reason for injury is the lack of body alignment. Beginner bodybuilders pick up weights that are too heavy for them and proceed to lift in an unnatural manner. This problem can be fixed with the help of a good weightlifting shoe.

Weightlifting shoes help by keeping your torso and body aligned when lifting. You’ll have added support to make sure that you are doing your Olympic lifts the right way. By wearing them, you’re less likely to injure yourself because it corrects your posture.

The Bottom Line

When you think about it, weightlifting shoes offer a myriad of advantages for your average gym goer. They protect your joints from self-harm, increase the effectiveness of your workout and help your body grow safely and naturally.

Understand that all shoes are not the same. We don’t recommend using any shoes that are soft soled when lifting weights. This causes your body to constantly move against the pressure of the bar. Your legs will give out and possibly snap due to the lack of support of these shoes.

Sport Man Wearing Weight Lifting Shoes

If you’re looking for the best squat shoes, you’ll notice the benefits of using a good pair of weightlifting shoes. They improve your basic workouts and allow your feet to stay in good condition. Getting a good pair of weightlifting shoes is a good investment for the long term because it keeps your body in shape while preventing any leg or body injuries.

Remember, you’ll still have to workout regularly to get the most results. Weightlifting shoes are a guide, but they are not the solution for lifting. Consistency is the key if you want to see results. Make sure to workout at least 3-4 times a week if you really want to see a change within your body composure.

Introduction To Price Range

Best Shoes Within A Price Range Of $50-80

We find that the adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift is a great shoe in this category. It’s designed to optimize your security and flexibility throughout your workout routine. You’ll like this if you need something that’s affordable and efficient.

Another shoe that’s interesting in this range is the Reebok Women's R Crossfit Lifter Plus shoes. It’s one of the best olympic weightlifting shoes in the market. They come with an added rubber sole to help your feet stay in control. It’s useful for women who want added help when weight lifting.

Best Shoes Within A Price Range Of $100-$200

The Otomix Stingray is a great shoe in this price range. It has a soft, wooden sole that allows you to remain agile and mobile during MMA training. While these shoes aren’t recommended for weightlifting, they do help when getting a fast and explosive workout.

Our Top Weightlifting Shoes Recommendations

Here are some of the best weight lifting shoes available on the market:​

Adidas Performance Men's Powerlift

Technical Specs

  • Textile/Synthetic Material
  • Removable Insole
  • ​Anti-Slip Outsole
Front of Adidas Powerlift Shoe


Starting off the list is the adipower weightlifting shoes. These shoes provide the utmost security and flexibility throughout your strength training. It comes with a breathable mesh top sole which helps keep your feet comfortable while you lift heavy weights. It’s a good entry level shoe for those on a budget.

Its main advantage is its stability. Consumers liked the shoe because it has an Anti-Slip Outsole that keeps the user grounded. This means that when you’re lifting, your feet will remain steady and positioned in a way that allows your muscles to receive the full benefit of your workout.

Another advantage lies in the performance. When using these weightlifting shoes, you’ll see your body become stronger. These shoes support the you when doing heavy deadlifts and squats. Getting these shoes are recommended if you need a boost in your weightlifting numbers and PRs.

But, consumers with wider feet need to look out for this shoe. For instance, consumers reported that the weightlifting shoe was too narrow when in use. The material in the shoe remains stiff and doesn’t stretch. Which could lead to an uncomfortable experience with those with wider feet.

Still, the Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift is one of the best lifting shoes for beginners. It combines advanced support and form to help users get the best out of their lifts. Like most Adidas weightlifting shoes, they are too narrow at the feet. Basically, it’s a good shoe that helps you get the most gains.

Inov-8 Women's FastLift 325 Fitness Shoe

Technical Specs

  • Meta Flex Sole Technology
  • Textile and Synthetic Material
  • Power Truss Heel
  • ​Mesh Breathable Upper + Supporting Overlays
  • Secure Fit
Black Inov-8 Woman FastLift Shoes


Next up is the Inov 8 weightlifting shoes. This shoe has a lot of features that improves the powerlifting stats for women. It has a reputation of being the most lightweight shoes in the world. When wearing these shoes, you’ll get a secure fit. Meaning that you’ll get the most out of your workouts.

One advantage that you’ll get from the shoes are the improvement of your squat form. People like the shoes because it gives your legs the right stability to get your legs in the right position. Get the best weightlifting shoes for women by buying a pair of the Inov-8.

We also liked the Meta Flex sole technology that’s backed behind this shoe. This means that when wearing this shoe, you have the ability to move freely. It improves flexibility and mobility, making it easier to remain sturdy during heavy squats, jerks, and cleans.

However, consumers complained about the size of the shoe. It ran too small for most of them, making it harder for them to have a comfortable workout experience. The lower size of the shoe means that you’ll have to adjust your size in order for it to work.

Inov 8’s FastLift shoe combines cutting edge shoe technology and innovation to help women reach their weight lifting goals. They remain flexible so the user remains comfortable throughout their strength training. Mainly, these shoes are good for women wanting increased results when they lift.

Reebok Women's R Crossfit Lifter Plus

Technical Specs

  • All-Purpose Workout Shoe
  • Comfortable
  • ​Breathability
  • ​High Heel Height
  • Heat Activated U-Form Technology
Yellow Reebok Woman CrossFit Shoes


The Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Lifter Plus uses mesh and synthetic materials to enhance breathing. This means that the shoes are designed to give your feet space to remain oxidated and flexible when lifting heavy weights. You’ll find these shoes useful if you need a hybrid shoe to handle your exercising needs.

An advantage that consumers noticed is the increased balance when doing heavy lifting. For instance, the shoe comes with a hard sole at the bottom. This sole helps your body squat lower, making you obtain the most out of your workout. Buy this shoe if you need something to improve your lifting form.

In addition, users liked the utility the shoes provided. These shoes are comfortable enough to serve as weightlifting shoes while also giving enough support to handle simple tasks such as walking. It’s a hybrid shoe, meaning that it’s good for short all-purpose applications within the gym.

However, there are a few things that consumers disliked about the chair. This shoe doesn’t necessarily do good in Cross Fit as advertised. Consumers felt that the shoe is too sturdy, meaning that its only good for weightlifting. We suggest getting another pair of cross fit shoes if you come across this problem.

Overall, we believe that these reebok weightlifting shoes are good for compound lifts. It consists of a heat activated U-F technology that adapts to the user’s movements. Women who want a reliable hybrid shoe that’s mostly for weightlifting should give these shoes a go.

Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA

Technical Specs

  • Ankle Support
  • Durable/Lightweight
  • ​Leather and Synthetic Materials Enhances Mobility
  • Good for Boxing, MMA, Wrestling and Martial Arts
Black Otomix Shoe

The Otomix Stingray Escape shoes are comfortable and fast as an all-purpose shoe. The shoes are lightweight, making it easier to transfer your motion around. It’s supportive enough to use for a general workouts and MMA training.

Increased mobility is the primary advantage of wearing this shoe. The sole grips snug onto your feet, giving you an unlimited range of motion. That motion then transfers into speed, making your martial arts training more effective. These shoes help you stay in control by increasing your movement speed.

In fact, Otomix’s shoes have quite a good amount of traction. When doing exercises such as judo, boxing or MMA, these shoes keep your feet stable enough to withstand long workouts. While they aren’t good lifting shoes, they’ll help when it comes to combat exercises.

However, the shoes aren’t useful for compatible with Olympic-style weightlifting. It has a wooden sole with a raised heel, which gives it enough support for stationary lifts and for martial arts shoes. This might be a problem if you’re looking for a less flexible but more stable shoes to workout on.

We suggest getting the Otomix Stringray Escape shoes for lighter level workouts. This is not your standard weightlifting shoe. It’s designed to keep your body in motion and maintain stability through its traction. Get this when you’re ready to train for your next match.

Nike Men's Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Technical Specs

  • Synthetic/Mesh material
  • Multipurpose Cross Training Shoe
  • ​Flywire technology that helps keep the foot in place
Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe


Last on our list is the Nike Men’s Metcon Training Shoe. It has a greatly designed heel that gives the user enough room to breathe. They fit snug into one’s feet by feeling light and smooth to your body movements. These shoes help you train and improve your form when weightlifting.

These nike weightlifting shoes are a huge update than the original Metcon 1’s. These shoes are great because they have stronger materials that are located around the stream. Nike designed the shoes this way to prevent rips in that area. Because of this, you’ll find these shoes useful in staying resistant and sturdy.

Shoppers liked the fact that the shoes worked for multi-purpose exercise use. It has enough support to keep you fit for a Cross Fit exercise. Additionally, it has a powerful heel to keep you stable when lifting heavy weights. It’s one of the best shoes for weightlifting and running because of its hybrid level of strength and speed support.

On the other hand, there are a few issues associated with this shoe. For instance, consumers complained about the shoe becoming too stiff to use. You can run with them, but you’ll notice the harder bottom sole making it a bit difficult to do so. Try to use these for weightlifting only.

Still, we think this is the best shoes for weightlifting and cardiobest nike shoes for weightlifting. It has an increased level of comfort amongst the sole. Consumers like the heels for its higher level of support and traction that it brings. It’s a great choice for those needing a quick boost to their workout routines.

The Verdict

We have chosen the Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training Shoes. It’s an affordable shoe that’s under $100 and has a lot of useful features. For instance, it’s suited for various venues and exercise requirements. While it’s not the best for heavy lifting, it’s a good shoe to utilize your training routines.

In the overall state of the sportswear market, we believe there is a lot of changes in the future. Shoe technology will be improved and help the user’s body. Users will have shoes that will help them stay safe and get the maximum return on their exercises.

No matter what shoe you buy on this list, you’re getting a lot of value on your lifts. Each of them are made to protect your feet from the dangers of heavy lifting. Ultimately, the best lifting shoes on the market are right on this list.

Do you have a good experience with weightlifting shoes?

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